At the end of May, we posted an article on our blog about some upcoming changes that Google is making to their Adwords URLs. If you’re a Pardot customer, there are some additional items to bear in mind: namely, as you switch over to the Upgraded Adwords URLs, you’ll want to use the new tracking template in Pardot to track your Adwords ads.

While you can already migrate over to Google’s improved URL system, a forced migration will begin on July 1, 2015. The Pardot Adwords connector has been updated to adapt to these changes, but Pardot customers will need to […]

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We know that one of the best ways to understand your customers and cater to their preferences is simply to ask them questions, then take action based on their responses. That’s why we’re excited to announce that SurveyMonkey for Salesforce now integrates with Pardot, allowing you to better understand your customers and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Now, Pardot customers with Custom Objects (included with Ultimate or as an add-on for Pro) using SurveyMonkey for Salesforce can segment their prospects based on survey responses. For example, if a prospect’s survey response indicates an interest in a particular product, a marketer can confidently […]

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Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of Salesforce® Engage, a new solution from Salesforce Pardot that helps marketing and sales teams work together to sell more effectively than ever. This powerful new capability is now generally available as an add-on for all customers.

We know that the B2B buying cycle is changing, and that prospects are waiting to engage with companies until a majority of their research has already been completed. This poses a problem for sales reps who need visibility into their prospects’ motivations and behaviors in order to connect in a meaningful way. Salesforce® Engage addresses this […]

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Pardot and Salesforce are becoming even more closely aligned — and we’re thrilled to announce a new Salesforce connector that will be released to all customers over the next couple of weeks. With the new connector, there will be no impact on your Salesforce API limits when prospect records sync between Pardot and Salesforce.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re an existing Pardot customer, you’ll need to update your Salesforce connector to opt into these changes. There are several areas where you can make this update: by clicking on the banner message at the top of the Connectors page, […]

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We’re excited to start the new year by releasing a highly-requested feature off of our Idea Exchange: BCC Email Compliance. This functionality will help ensure that our clients are compliant with the federal regulations for their industry.

Federal regulations require that certain types of institutions (for example, Financial Services companies) keep a record of all emails sent over the past five years, including the content of each email and every email recipient, in the event of an audit.

Once the BCC Email Compliance functionality has been activated by a Pardot Admin, every email sent from Pardot will automatically BCC an email address […]

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It may be the end of the year, but improving our product never slows down. In fact, we have three new releases ready for you: an update to our Paid Search report, the option for Salesforce users to log in to Pardot using their Salesforce credentials, and wildcard page actions. Consider these a small token of appreciation for our amazing clients — just in time for the holidays!

1. Pardot Paid Search Updates

Earlier this year, Google announced that AdWords would no longer provide information regarding what query (search term or phrase) a visitor used when clicking on an ad. This meant […]

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We have a quick but exciting update for those of you using our Email Rendering Preview Analysis! This week, we updated our previews to include iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so that you can see how your emails will render on the latest mobile devices.

See what this update looks like in the screenshots below.

Email Rendering Preview Analysis is available to all Pro and Ultimate customers, and is available as an add-on for Standard.

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Introducing Folder Permissions

Adam Blitzer —  September 29, 2014

Earlier this year, we introduced Pardot Folders to help you organize your marketing content in a way that makes sense for you. Now, we’re excited to introduce Folder Permissions, which will give you customizable control over the groups that can access the content housed within your Folders. This feature will be rolling out the week of September 29th.

Protect your content by assigning access to specific user groups. You can lock down access by department, region, business unit, and even custom groups like third party development shops. While this feature is only available to customers who have purchased Custom User Roles, you […]

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