If you’re managing your company’s social media efforts on top of everything else on your plate, we know how essential a social posting tool is to your productivity. With Pardot social posting, you can schedule and simultaneously post updates to multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, then gather insight on link clicks, replies, comments, retweets, and likes. And now, you can post to LinkedIn company pages, too.

The LinkedIn social posting connector allows you to post social messages to as many individual or company accounts as you wish. Pardot will also capture likes and comments on any posts made to company [...]

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We’re thrilled to bring you two (that’s right, two!) new improvements to your email experience within Pardot: new Email Flow and A/B Testing. Both of these updates will be coming your way in August.

Email Flow

We know that sending well-designed emails is one of the cornerstones of your marketing efforts with Pardot. That’s why we’ve reviewed our email process and developed Email Flow — an updated look to our email editor that’s based on how you design and send emails.

Email Flow lets you create email templates, customize, and send emails the way you like to work. The Email Flow is non-linear, [...]

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We have a small but exciting new feature that we’re in the process of releasing over the next few weeks: an update to the current Automation Rules preview. Based on client feedback, we’ve updated the Rules preview so that it will no longer generate automatically, but will instead require a click to “Preview matches.” Take a look at the screenshot below to see what this will look like in Pardot.

This new update will help improve system speed and performance when viewing automation rule previews.


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If you’ve been keeping up with our new feature blog, then you probably saw our post last week about our upcoming Help Drawer and Chat updates. Good news: as of today, those updates are here! You should see a pop up notification upon logging into Pardot to help walk you through the new changes. You can also take a look at the screenshot and information below.

The New & Improved Help Drawer

To make our self-help resources more accessible for clients, we’re updating our Help Drawer with a slick new design. For Pardot users with chat support, our in-app chat will be [...]

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At Pardot, we have a ton of great self-help resources for our clients — and soon they’ll be more accessible than ever. Next week, we’ll be updating our Help Drawer and in-app Chat with a slick new design. We’re excited to put the troubleshooting resources and help documentation you need right at your fingertips.

What can you expect from this new update? Check out the list of upcoming changes below (note: when the Help Drawer update is released, you’ll see a pop-up after logging into Pardot that will point out the new changes):

Quick access to Knowledge Base resources, FAQs, and helpful [...]

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Building on our existing Lifecycle Report, we’re excited to release a new report that will allow you to drill even deeper into your individual prospects’ activities over time, called the Prospect Lifecycle Report. This report is accessible from each Prospect’s profile, and will allow Pardot users to see the full history of prospect activities in a graphical format. The report will show how each particular prospect moves through the sales lifecycle, and which prospect-initiated activities changed their activity score.

Use the Prospect Lifecycle report to better understand your prospect’s journey through the lead nurturing cycle, gain insight into your prospect’s score [...]

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Earlier this month, Google announced that AdWords would no longer provide information on what query (search term or phrase) a visitor used when clicking on an ad. This is a similar move to what they did previously with natural (non-paid) searches. Unfortunately, this means that many tracking solutions no longer receive complete data around a visitor’s session. This means that right now, you may see an increased amount of visitors with no query information provided and marked as a Google Paid Ad (as opposed to being more specific about whether it was from a paid search ad, content network ads, or display [...]

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We heard your requests for a feature that could help prevent marketing fatigue, and we’re excited to introduce a new Pardot feature that will do exactly that. Our new Recency and Frequency rule types, which will be added to dynamic lists in your account over the next week, can be used to quickly query your entire prospect database to generate a list of the prospects that have recently been contacted by you. Use this list to create a constantly refreshing suppression list that records prospects who meet your email sending threshold.

Knowing the recency and frequency of your latest email sends [...]

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