In order to prevent inflated scores due to cumulative scoring rules, we’ve introduced a new scoring option. Now, you have the ability to select cumulative scoring on Email Opens (this adjusts the prospect’s score every time an email is opened), or you can choose to score only on the initial open. By selecting this option, the prospect’s score will only adjust on the first email open.

To change this setting, go into your Scoring Rules under the Admin tab and click the checkbox that reads, “Adjust score on the very first email open only.” You can see this in [...]

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Are you ready for a faster and more efficient prospect import process? We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you an improved import experience over the coming weeks, which will significantly improve import speed and will allow imports of up to 100MBs.

When opening the import wizard, you’ll soon see a new first step, which will allow you to drag and drop files to start the import process (see the screenshot below). You’ll then see a progress bar that will let you know how far along you are in the import. If you navigate away from the page or [...]

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As a part of our continued effort to make email testing more realistic, we’ve made some improvements to our test email process — while still ensuring that the email tester remains uncookied.

Previously, when emails were sent to a test list and contained a tracked link, users had to copy and paste this link into a new window to test it. Now, clicking on a tracked link will redirect you to an interim page that will display a tracked link success message and show the full URL as a hyperlink (you can see this in the image below). Clicking [...]

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You asked to be able to export your drip program reports, and we took your Idea Exchange submission and turned it into a reality. Now, instead of having to screenshot your data to share with your team, you can export it as a .CSV file.

Drip campaign reports show you the number of prospects that have completed each step of your drip program, the number of prospects that have been sent each email within the program, the number of bounced emails, total clicks, and click-through rates for all of your drip emails. Now, you can export this data as [...]

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Introducing Pardot Folders

Adam Blitzer —  February 20, 2014

You asked for a better way to organize your marketing content, and we’re here to deliver.

We’re excited to announce that over the next several weeks we’re releasing a huge update to our product, called Folders. Folders are a helpful organizational feature that will house your campaigns, emails, content, and other marketing assets together. They’ll work intuitively to let you segment and nest your marketing content in a variety of ways that make sense for your team, so that you can experience richer organization and an improved browsing experience within Pardot.

Once folders are toggled on, they must be [...]

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New Email Send From Options

Adam Blitzer —  February 12, 2014

We all know that one of the most important aspects of a successful email campaign is personalization. That’s why we’ve added a bunch of new options for personalization to the email template and email send from wizards. Now, you can send an email from any user field, including support contacts, account managers, and more — anyone who is attached to a Pardot prospect.

This opens up a world of opportunities for sending targeted and personalized messages! Let’s take a look at the list of new options below, and feel free to watch our instructional video to see how you can [...]

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could always reach Pardot support at 4PM from the west coast? Well, now you can!

Pardot previously offered full business hour support in the UK (GMT) and the East Coast of the US (EST).

We are excited to announce that we have officially expanded our support hours to include all US and UK business hours. Starting today, January 2, Pardot support is available from 5AM to 8PM EST, Monday through Friday, to help support clients across the US and UK. During this time, chat and email support will be available to all clients (chat [...]

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Want a deeper look at your campaign performance? We’re excited to announce the release of our Campaign Performance report, which gives a high-level overview of a campaign’s overall health in comparison to other campaigns. The report is displayed in a graphical, highly configurable interface, and you can adjust the graph’s view by campaign status (current, archived, or all campaigns) and by date range.

You can view the new report by navigating to “Campaigns” under the “Reports” menu. The Campaign Performance report will appear at the top of the page, and you can configure the report across all four axes: [...]

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