“Success isn’t only about achievement, those things that we can measure. It is also about contribution, those things that we unselfishly give back.” Jim Geigor, CEO, CBeyond

As the proliferation of new technology and social media lead to empowered consumers, closing deals and brand loyalty is more and more about building relationships. Sales-driven companies in a down economy are tasked with constantly evolving and developing their niche within their industry. As marketers, we are often looking for ways to represent our brand in a way that will bridge the gap between product and consumer and make us memorable and […]

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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series NetSuite Connector

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series NetSuite ConnectorOverview

If you have created custom fields in NetSuite that you would like to see in Pardot, the next step is to map the custom fields. This will enable Pardot custom fields to sync back and forth.

Mapping Prospect Custom Fields

Default fields will map automatically; you can edit them later if needed.

In Pardot, hover over Admin.
Hover over Configure Fields.
Click on Prospect Fields.
Click on + Add Custom Field.
Enter a Name for the custom field. The name should correspond with a custom field in NetSuite.
The Custom Field ID field will auto-populate with the name you entered above. Leave as is.
Add any desired […]

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Now that we’ve gone through our favorite email marketing and social media posts of 2012, it’s time for the content marketing roundup. Check out the list below for some great articles and graphics on content marketing, and get some helpful tips and insights along the way.

The Content Marketing Mix [Infographic]

2012 has seen the rise of quite a few new content marketing strategies. Chief among these has been the use of content to move leads through the sales cycle. But how do you know which type of content to send to each lead? What’s the appropriate channel of distribution? To answer […]

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In all of the hype of attracting, nurturing, and converting prospects, it’s easy to forget the true key to sustainable growth: obtaining lifelong customers.

Your most loyal customers not only provide a consistent source or revenue, they save your business implementation and training costs, provide insightful recommendations for product enhancements, and can even bring in new prospects by recommending your product to others. So how do you make sure your customers not only stick around, but love your product enough to tell their friends? Let’s check out three ways below:


It may seem like an extremely obvious tip, but never underestimate the […]

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Is your company using Twitter? Which department does that fall under?

If you are anything like most companies, the answer is probably marketing. When Twitter burst onto the social scene, busy sales reps were all too happy to turn over management of Twitter’s tidal wave of thoughts, opinions, and content to the marketing side of the house.

In hindsight, this was probably a smart move. It’s taken marketing folks a while to figure out a way to parse and systematically organize the firehose of data bursting from Twitter each second.

However, with increased integration into existing sales processes, advanced search and filtering, and tools […]

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Our world is getting more complex each day.

There’s no doubt about it. With more social sites to sign into, more tools we should be using, and more channels to worry about, our lives are more complicated than ever.

However, where people are involved, it’s shocking how almost all actions still come down to basic human motivations. Even though we have more channels to express ourselves, and more tools to do it with, we remain surprisingly predictable. Social media is a perfect example of this.

With billions of pieces of data shared on social media every day, it can seem impossible to uncover […]

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Every piece of content you create plays into your overall brand message. The more compelling your content, the more attractive your brand becomes. It seems like a simple equation, but it is imperative to make your content applicable and engaging enough to create a storyline that customers feel invested in. Instead of a transaction, interactions with your brand are now building relationships with your customers. And relationships are personable, create loyalty, and even have the ability to create a tribe of fans […]

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You may from time to time notice that your sync queue has gotten rather large and/or does not seem to be getting any smaller. There are several reasons why this may be happening and may lead to wanted or unwanted results. While unexpected errors can occur, the following are the most common reasons that large sync queues are encountered. To view your sync queue in Pardot, go to Administration> Connectors> Actions> Sync Queue.

Triggers and Workflows

If you have noticed lately that your sync queue appears to be growing rapidly or staying at a high static number, you may have […]

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